Current Projects

Retired Timber Elephants

While volunteering at an elephant retirement camp in Myanmar, I learned about the philosophy of environmental interdependence that guides the decisions of the camp's founders.

The camp cares for elephants that have been injured or retired from the timber industry. In the past decade, deforestation has become a major concern and industry restrictions have been implemented. Elephant owners and their elephants are experiencing job loss. Owners struggle to sustain their families, pay mahouts, manage medical expenses and feed their elephants. The elephants are losing the physical and cognitive stimulation they are accustomed too and can suffer a decline in physical and mental health as a result.

Atlantic Seal Hunt

Seal meat is a highly controversial food source, their pelts an equally controversial garment material. Public perspectives on the annual commercial harvest in Atlantic Canada prompt large-scale abolition campaigns and high levels of government regulation.  

While seal meat is not considered a dietary staple in urban Newfoundland, there is a strong cultural belief that the annual seal hunt is a Newfoundlander's right. This passion is in part a response to historical and ongoing neocolonial violence perpetuated through major events that represent collective trauma. 

The Shifting Lens Podcast

Myself and two colleagues have recently begun producing a podcast where we discuss various Anthrozoological topics, often with guest speakers who come to share their perspective and expertise on an issue.

Anthrozoology is a relatively new, interdisciplinary field that focuses on human and nonhuman animal interactions. Scholars come from a variety of backgrounds and address a variety of issues. Our aim is to expand our narrow, anthropocentric lens and bring the animal perspective into our discussions.

You can find us on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and anywhere else you enjoy podcasts.