Rebecca Madrid

Welcome to my website! I created this space to catalogue all of the various things I am working on. Currently, the bulk of my focus is on completing my Masters in Anthrozoology with intent to enter a PhD programme in the near future. Please explore to learn more about me! 

What is Anthrozoology?

Anthrozoology is a relatively new but rapidly growing interdisciplinary field interested in the study of interactions between human and non-human animals. Scholars come from various backgrounds, including but not limited to anthropology, sociology, biology, zoology, and ethology. Many enter the field with direct industry experience as well, offering diverse perspectives and exciting opportunities for collaboration. The International Society for Anthrozoology website offers more information on the field along with relevant journals and events.

Current Research in Anthrozoology

My current research interests fall into two main areas. Currently, I am working with the founders of elephant retirement camp in Myanmar to explore the idea of ecocentric tourism and how the model of camp they have created can help manage the large number of captive elephants who have been injured or otherwise retired during the decline of the timber industry. 

My dissertation research explores the various neocolonial forces that promote cultural adherence to the Atlantic Seal Harvest as a Newfoundlander's right, despite low urban reliance on the animal for food or income sources. I consider collective traumas as a result of several events both pre- and post-Confederation as contributing factors in the development of this resistance.

About Me

My training is in both anthropology and anthrozoology, a combination which affords me a unique insight into human social behaviour as it pertains to interactions with both human- and nonhuman animals. 

Contact me

If you would like to touch base about my research, ongoing projects, or potential future endeavours, please access the contact form below.